The collective is a list of all around spectacular human beings. If you're looking to work with someone new, please contact one or all of the kind people below.

🍀 Joselia Hughes, writer and allodisciplinary artist
🍀 Kenya Robinson, artist and mischief maker
🍀 Dana Robinson, multimedia artist
🍀 Zeana Llamas, designer, illustrator, and animator
🍀 Charmaine Balisalisa, designer and event organizer
🍀 Jess X. Snow, filmmaker, artist, and poet
🍀 Poppy Liu, actor, filmmaker, and doula
🍀 Coco Layne, multi-disciplinary artist, director, and strategist
🍀 Meng Cao, photographer, multi-media artist, and cultural organizer
🍀 Sueann Leung, costume designer and stylist
🍀 SUB/DOM, musician
🍀 Cynthia Poon, ux/ui designer
🍀 Nneka Njoku, graphic designer
🍀​​​​​​​ Yvonne Ingles, content strategist and ux/ui designer

Want to be on the list? Let me know!
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